Burn Out on Reentry

Circular habits describe an ever tightening spiral of reentry, from imagined heights grander than anything found in nature, punching through the stratosphere, the firmament grown unwelcome. Or his welcome worn out; this one particular detail matters little, only falling, clinging to his pride and obstinacies, weight of his conscience pulls him down faster, head first, … Continue reading

Study in Green

She comes to me in green light, extinguished when the mindfulness of the moment is lost, back turned and she is half-gone, having never fully arrived. She comes with the winks of strangers and in mislaid words, swimming up from the ebb tide of memory’s ocean from the foaming surf of long forgotten days past. … Continue reading

Two Smatterings

I. Spider in the Royal spins a web to mark the span of your negligence Scurries off once yer fingers start to dancing temporary eviction The landlord being quite fickle *** II. Silent sparkled starlight muffled by fresh snow clear and spacious and not a thing stirring Save for me and a plow grinding through … Continue reading

Surgical Theater

Abbot dreamed that he was a surgeon standing in an operating room, his patient spread out beside him on a silver table beneath a bright light. He explained to the pale and protesting old man that the malignant tumor inside him was growing and must be removed at once. – You do not understand, said … Continue reading

How We Drown The Past

She and James were both sixteen, lean and bright and soft, the first time they made love. On an afterschool Indian summer afternoon, with the houses all sweltering again in the autumn heat, he borrowed his grandfather’s Mercury, and they escaped the city, if only for a few hours. He drove northeast, following alongside the … Continue reading

Madeleine and the Cherry Blossoms

autumn rain on the pines reminds friends of songs that remind me of songs i’m surprised to realize i have forgotten heard countless times, year after year, most of my life unnoticed soundtracks to so many days so long ago leaves skitter-scratch down the wet street, a delicacy in the comings and goings of their … Continue reading

Flying Ointment

Three days out from the dark half as the crow flies, fattened on dogflesh and blighted summer corn a pockmarked face bleeding blue over the burnt mound; a voice thick as maple syrup, hoarse as chimney smoke stepping willy-nilly over those ley lines as if the past weren’t no matter and tomorrow ain’t ever coming … Continue reading